Talk With Exchange Student Maginur Dzhaparova

Abigail Blakey, Features Editor
















How do you say hello in your language and where are you from? 


Саламатсызбы! Менин атым Магинур, мен Кыргызстанданмын!  

Всем привет! Меня зовут Магинур и я с Кыргызстана! 


Hi everyone! My name is Maginur and I am from sunny, mountainous country – Kyrgyzstan.  I am an exchange student, that means I came to study here for one academic year to explore a new country, new culture, and people. I also came to share my culture and to make you feel like you visited Kyrgyzstan, because I believe that when you meet a person from another country, it makes you feel like you have been there, because every person is a representative of his country, culture and mentality. 


Who are you staying with here in America? 


For this year I am hosted by my host family, whom I really love! I have a mom and the best sister I could even dream for. (Elise Moore) 


How is the food different in America? 


When I came here I was shocked by literally everything! But whenever an american asks me this question, I always answer with  “ice”. It’s just so shocking how your food is always frozen, everything is frozen and you add ice everywhere! Sometimes I miss hot tea, which I used to drink a lot in my home country. But I love ice. Also food was a very big part of my culture shock, since in my country, meals were very different and natural. 


How is the fashion different? 


I wouldn’t say that clothes are very different, we have pretty much everything you do. But the very big difference is that here, people don’t care what they look like, it’s all about comfort. Anyone can dress up as they want to, and it is amazing! In the place where I come from, people are always trying to dress up very nice, sometimes not for themselves, but because of the “society”. I don’t think we are that much free in the way of expressing ourselves as you are.


What are some restrictions here that aren’t in your home country? 


You always have to put on your seatbelts in the car. In my country we don’t have them in the backseats. 


In your opinion what is the craziest thing you have seen so far? 


Crazy thing I’ve seen so far? 

People! Homecoming! 

It was very crazy and I don’t even know what to say about it, I am just still shocked. 


What is one thing you wish more people knew about you?


In addition, I just want to say that I love space science and books and ice cream and Harry Potter!