Bellevinois Offers an Affordable Alternative for Senior Photos


Solin Douglas-Hill

Seniors review their photos taken by photographer Amy Gould.

Gabby McWhorter, New Reporter

Solin Douglas-Hill
Seniors review their photos taken by photographer Amy Gould.

This is the first school year that Belleville West will be offering senior photos for a reduced cost. On September 10, instead of booking a photographer, seniors could sign up for Senior Photo Day and pay $20 for a yearbook-only photo.

Parents of seniors and Ms. Ashley Short, the advisor of the Belleville West yearbook Bellevinois, know how expensive booking sessions with photographers for senior photos can be. 

Ms. Short, who had been thinking of the idea for a while, suggested offering reduced Senior Yearbook Photos to families who are in need to the approved photographer Ms. Amy Gould, who had similar thoughts and immediately accepted the idea.

“It kind of just fell together really nicely,” Ms. Short said. 

This option opens doors to families who are just looking for an alternative to booking photographers as well. 

“It is super beneficial, particularly because it is kind of a pain in the butt to try to schedule a time for a big session to begin with, but more so it just makes it [senior photos] so much more affordable,” Ms. Short said. 

Senior photos can typically range from $125 and up. Mrs. Gould is offering yearbook-only Senior Photos for $20.

“It’s going to be a headshot regardless, so it’s very beneficial, especially for $20 when other people charge $600,” Senior Zaria Stewart said. 

Senior year can be a very expensive time for families. 

“We have a lot of Senior dues; we have to pay for our transcripts, college, homecoming so it’s better for the budget. The cheapest way is the best way.” Senior Dajah Jones said.

Since the 2019-2020 school year is the first time Belleville West has offered such a program, yearbook sponsors expected somewhat of a low turnout. 

“We thought the first year we would be maybe 20, 25 students,” Ms. Short said. 

However, it was quite a surprise when the number of students who signed up greatly exceeded their expectations. 

“Maybe a few hundred students attended,” Senior Rodney Roy said.

In today’s digital age, it has never been easier to gain access to high-quality camera equipment. 

“Nowadays, so many people have nice cameras and friends of the family could take photos for free. This is a way they could do that but still get their photos in the yearbook,” Ms. Short said. 

The main goal of this new program was to help students in need, but the unpredicted success of this year’s first Senior Photo Day will hopefully push this to become an annual event for Belleville West.

“I think mine went great,” Roy said.