Little Theatre’s Contest Play


Lukas Pellmann

Daily rehearsals continue for the cast and crew of Little Theatre’s 2023 Contest Play, Over the Tavern, by Tom Dudzick.


Contest Play, directed by Mr. John Lodle and Mr. Jamison Klein, is the fourth out of Little Theatre’s five yearly shows, all of which can range from dramatic-comedies, to musicals, and more.  Each new Little Theatre show is accompanied by a new and refined cast, crew, and a fresh storyline.


“It’s the story of a Polish-Catholic family from the 1950s of which there are four kids in the family, and the youngest, Rudy, starts to question his faith–and so a lot of the play is about these questions he’s starting to ask,” English chair and Contest Play director Mr. Lodle said.


Every year, Contest Play brings together a close-knit group of aspiring cast members.


“My favorite part of Over the Tavern is getting to work with everyone in the cast as well as the directors. They are all incredibly nice people and Mr. Lodle is a really great director along with the students that also help him”, said sophomore Eric Perschbacher. “It’s been a journey to put this show together but it’s been a funny journey nonetheless!”


While the selective cast of Contest Play shines on stage each year, Little Theatre’s technical crew plays an vital role in this unique show.


“Lighting and sound-wise it’s a simpler show than normal but the set is the real challenge because it has to be put up and taken down in less than 20 minutes total,” technical director Mr. Klein said.


But no matter the time constraint or the size of the set, Contest Play’s 55+ technicians are hopeful for the outcome of their show.


“I’m mostly looking forward to seeing the technicians get the set together because at the end during our actual performance, it’s amazing to see it come together so quickly and so silently,” sophomore student technical director Teddi Lacey said.


Even though applications have already passed, it’s not too late to support Contest Play.


“If you didn’t sign up already, we would love for people to come and support us through seeing our show! But if you ever want to do it next year, just sign up,” sophomore technician Megan Groom said.


Contest Play will premiere March 16, 2023 at 7pm in the Performing Arts Center.