Honking and Headaches: Realities of the West Parking Lot

Piper Lee, Editorial Writer

For those of us who are sixteen or older, the chaos of the Belleville West parking lot is unlike any other. Whether it’s fighting to get into your spot in the morning while dodging parents trying to make it to work, or sitting and waiting to leave for half an hour, the parking lot offers a great deal of confusion. We asked students of all grade levels and different transportation styles their opinions on the parking lot. 

For those who ride the bus, the student parking lot may not seem like a big deal, however the issue isn’t so cut and dry. For senior Nadiya Jones, the parking lot offers up a lot of headaches. 

“There’s just so much going on at once,” Jones said, “even with people directing traffic, some people seem so distracted and don’t pay attention.”

When asked about what she would do to fix the parking lot, Jones said that adding more exits as well as traffic lights at both entrances would be helpful. 

“I just think if there was more direction, it could help ease the traffic of people leaving and coming to school, as well as the cars just going about their day.”

However, the headaches and honking don’t just end with bus riders. A freshman student who wishes to remain unnamed says that one of the scariest things about the parking lot is the possibility of getting hit.

“I walk to and from school, and sometimes people don’t really look where they’re going. I’ve seen people have some close calls, and there have been times where I feel like somebody was about to hit me.”

They went on to urge people against distracted driving.

“We always hear stories of how distracted driving affects us…I just hope nothing like that ever happens here, and people learn to put the phone down.”

The main component of the parking lot is obviously the student drivers. With over one-thousand parking spots, there’s bound to be confusion and disarray. We spoke to one junior who drives to school.

“I have to work right after school sometimes. It gives me a bit of anxiety knowing I could be late to work (which is only five minutes away) because of how bad the parking situation is. I have to run out of my seventh hour, and sometimes I only make it in the nick of time.”

The junior went on to say that they wish there were more exits that students could take, as well as there being some more guidance and direction.

Overall, it’s safe to say that tensions are a bit high in the BTHS parking lot. No matter your grade level, or your travel method, let’s all do our part to make the parking lot a safe place. Stay safe out there Maroons.