A Belleville West Snowday


Parks Moser

     It’s 8:51 on Tuesday night. I try on several configurations of pajamas before ultimately settling on the classic plaid pants and random T-shirt. I turn off all my lights, grab my blankets, and turn off my alarms. I waste time playing video games and watching YouTube, just generally procrastinating my homework until I go to bed around 10:30. And so it begins; the first snow day of the year.

     I unfortunately wake up at 7:15 and can’t fall back asleep, so I stay in bed until 8:30, mostly for the principle. While in bed, I scroll through my phone then ultimately check my email to see what assignments have been posted. No surprises, nothing I can’t procrastinate. I then get up, make my bed, do my morning routine (but still stay in my pajamas), and conquer the day. The snow day. Where I don’t have to do anything. 

     I spend my entire afternoon doing what I normally would on a weekend with no plans or obligations. Pure laziness. I play my video games, watch YouTube, eat lunch, and occasionally look out my bedroom window at the glistening snow and smile.

     Eventually by five I muster up the ambition to get my work done. To make it feel more fun, I give myself a challenge to finish it all before dinner. Uhm, I failed. I didn’t finish until eight. But you know what, it was the journey along the way or whatever that mattered.

     After that, I went about my normal business until bedtime where I felt the impending doom of the next day; the dreaded return. I turn my alarms back on and sleep. But I can’t. I haven’t fully experienced a snow day yet. So I go, make some cocoa, and watch the snow outside. Then I realize it’s 10:30 and rush back to bed. And so the snow day ends.