National Honors Society Host Their Annual Blood Drive

Ny'La Hill, News Editor

On Friday, October 11 the National Honors Society hosted their annual blood drive. On the day of the blood drive, the Red Cross came collected 125 units of blood with 13 double reds from over 100 students. This year, West beat the goal of 120 units of blood.

Lily Kent
Before giving blood, students have to get all their vitals checked.


“I gave blood because I like the idea of helping people, and the process of giving blood seemed like a simple way to do so. I feel good knowing it can be used for a good cause, and I think everyone, pending medical issues, should try it,” junior Lily Kent said.

The National Honors Society is a respectable organization that is nationally known for recognizing students who show good character and maintain their grades.

“In order to be in the National Honors Society you have to have around a 3.5 grade point average and you get a letter in the mail sometime during your junior year. There’s a whole vigours process to actually be inducted as a member. You can’t miss any meetings, you have to volunteer 35 hours with an agency, and you have five hours of service projects. Essentially, it’s for academic people with high GPAs who also completer a lot of volunteer projects,” senior Max Juhas said.

Students were able to sign up to give blood during their P.E. and lunch hours.

“I gave blood because I think it’s a way anyone can help save lives. The process was fairly simple and the people were really nice. I honestly can’t think of anything to improve the process except the phlebotomists finding my vein faster,” junior Grace Kent said.

Many students enjoy the blood drive because it is a simple way to give back to help others who may be in need.

“I feel like it [the blood drice] is an amazing opportunity for students to become involved in volunteer work. It’s really easy and it’s something that can save people’s lives so I would encourage everyone in the future to give blood and help make someone else’s life a little bit better,” Juhas said.