Crucible Cast Members Introduce Themselves

Brianna Kress and Michael Wells

Ny’La Hill

Senior Jayden Touchette

Role: Mrs. Ann Putnam

Jayden joined theater because it’s always something she has been interested in so she joined freshman year. Jayden believes it has been one of her most rewarding experiences in her life and she is happy and honored to be apart of it. She considers herself very lucky to be in school with such a good performing arts program.




Anna Baldus

Junior Thomas Stogner

Role: Ezekiel Cheever

Thomas joined theater because it has always been a great passion of his and it has always been fun for him to do.






Anna Baldus

Junior August McGuire

Role: Francis Nurse

August joined little theater because it seemed like the best way to stay involved with theater events at school.






Anna Baldus


Sophomore Abby Barger

Role: Susanna Walcott

Abby joined theater because she has always had a love for being on the stage and pretending to be new characters, along with helping audiences be a part of new worlds.