The Truth Behind Energy Vampires

We Need to Pay Attention to the People Stealing Our Spirit

Alyssa Hafford, Features Writer

Has someone ever just walked in the room you were in and you suddenly feel drained, emotionally or physically? I am not just talking about that one very extra and loud person that every time they breathe makes you 

Written by Alyssa Hafford Solin Douglas-Hill

feel exhausted. This is a real feeling, and just one way an ‘Energy Vampire’ can make you feel, or not feel at all.

First, let’s start with the basics: what is an energy vampire? According to Celeste Yvonne and her blog, “What a Mom,” energy vampires rob us of our energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. They are either angry, despondent, or miserable, and feel threatened by our energy.

These people know that they are doing it, or they don’t. This, among other traits, is a form of manipulation. They will cause you to feel drained, overwhelmed, or even depressed.

But this is just one kind of energy vampire; there seems to be many more.

 According to, there are 6 types of energy vampires. There are a few significant identifiable vampires. The victim or martyr vampire, are those that continue to blame others, and, as the name implies, they play victim. The next type of vampire is the dominator vampire, those that feel the need to play “alpha” in people’s lives. This also goes along with narcissist vampire, the vampire that only cares about themselves. The last (but still important) vampire is the innocent vampire–those that rely on others, and drain their energy with the need for a support system. Those people that constantly seem like they need help or advice, but they slowly drain you because you care so much about them and you let them walk all over you.

The last thing that needs to be addressed is this: how can we protect ourselves from energy vampires? According to Sophie Henshaw from Psych Central, we can protect ourselves by increasing our emotional capacity. We can do this by doing a daily self-reflection, like walking, yoga, or cooking. Another way we can protect ourselves is by assessing those around us and seeing if they could be affecting us in these ways. The last, but most obvious and surefire way to protect yourself is to educate yourself on this topic, and see how you can still keep this person in your life (if you wish) or find a way to not attract these people in your life.    Furthermore, if you experience this, approach it in a mature, and kind way, and do not assume this person is choosing to do this and knows they are doing it.

Before writing this, I would have said that I have never encountered an energy vampire. But now that I know they come in many different forms, things have become clear. I believe these people exist, and they have the potential to add negativity to your life. My point is not to tell you to immediately stop talking to these people and isolate yourself, but to educate you on what you may or may not experience in your life.