Seussical the Musical

Alyssa Hafford, Entertainment Reporter

Within the riveting Seussical Junior, there are many scales, dancing scenes, and feathers. This musical is a combination of loud colors, singing, and engagement with the crowd.

“I feel like the audience should have a good time and try to connect with the characters! It’s a very fun show that everyone can enjoy,” junior August McGuire said.

Danny Laney, as Horton, does a beautiful job with both his songs and range. August, the main character, JoJo, has many dancing routines paired with an amazing way of capturing the full potential of his character.

“It makes me so happy to play JoJo, it’s been a dream role of mine for a while. I love his character he’s basically me when I was a kid,” McGuire said.

The hour and a half musical is very captivating, and it is definitely worth a watch. At some points, yes, it does get redundant, but there are gems sitting in between the lights, dancing, and colors.

Overall, the best song would be “Alone in the Universe,” you really just have to hear it to understand my personal love for that song. This song is sung by both Danny and August. This musical is filled with beautiful harmonies and synchronized dancing.

“My favorite song in Seussical is probably “Notice Me, Horton” because the harmonies are so nice to listen to and I just think it’s such a sweet song,” McGuire said.

I love this musical, and I think it was put together very well. The colors are enticing, and the sounds and harmonies are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I feel as if the musical has gotten better compared to the matinee I watched before the opening night. I really think this cast pulled through both accidents on stage and crowd responses.

However, you should really go watch the musical to confirm your own thoughts about it! After all, “Oh the thinks you can think when you think about Seuss” -Seussical.